Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction!  This week we have a bit of an Olympic medal theme.  Four of my favorite posts (gold medals) are at the top, and this week I’m highlighting first a couple of folks who are actively reducing their debt and doing a bang-up job at it.  That was the main reason I started the Carnival: to bring attention to people reducing their debt and to provide a forum for encouragement.  Please first stop by My Daily Dollars and Debt Reduction Formula to congratulate them on their progress this far!

Remember: The color of the medal doesn’t matter that much because the posts made it into the Carnival!  These posts were all winners this week.

GOLD MEDALS:  Here are my four favorites for this week:

SILVER MEDALS:  The best of the rest of the debt reduction related posts:

BRONZE MEDALS:  A few selected ancillary-topic posts that could help with debt reduction:

No Credit Needed will host next week!  (And eventually NBC will cease being the Michael Phelps channel!) 😉

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