Welcome to a windy and rainy Carnival of Debt Reduction

We’re in hurricane season, and early last week there were five named Atlantic storms on the map:  Gustav, Hanna, Ike, Josephine, and Karina.  Hanna is flying up the east coast of the United States as I’m putting this Carnival together.

Thankfully Hanna wasn’t much where I was on Saturday but north of me it hit a bit harder.  A few loose branches blew into our yard, and we never lost power.  If only we could be as prepared for every storm as we were for this one. 🙂

Here are the articles submitted for this week:

Articles on debt reduction

Articles on personal finance that aid in debt reduction

Thanks for all of your submissions!  Greener Pastures will host next week.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to a windy and rainy Carnival of Debt Reduction”

  1. I am looking to get some help with my debt, however noticed that there are so many companies “out there.” Can you tell me if these is a defference bewtween christian debt reduction and just debt reduction?

  2. @Debt Relief – There not necessarily a difference between general debt reduction and “Christian” debt reduction.

    The same steps apply to each.

    The exception may be when you talk about bankruptcy. Some people (both Christians and non-Chrisitans) feel it is wrong; others feel it is an option to be considered.

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  4. I’ve read other comments and feel there are two ways to approach something like this – man’s way or God’s. Certainly God’s way is subject to interpretation, just like man’s way it. But when we search our heart we usually know the right decision to make.

  5. God wants us to honor our word and pay our debts. But there are situations and circumstances where we get over our head and bankruptcy may be the only solution. It’s blantantly running up debt or credit cards and those types of behavior not condoned.

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