Make debt payoff your top priority and it will happen fast

Great to hear these stories:  Eric Rosenberg over at Narrow Bridge Finance has paid off all student loans!

How did he do it?  He prioritized it.  It took only two years after graduation for him to pay off what he initially borrowed, which from the post appears to be in the neighborhood of $40,000.  In his words:

Over the last two years, every dollar I earned from my annual bonus and every dollar from my tax refunds went straight to either my car loan or student loan payments.

Making good use of financial windfalls is a great way to give a big financial goal a one-two punch.  There’s a tendency to blow it on something frivolous, but some restraint and a little wisdom can pay handsome dividends.

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  1. Good work Eric! It is tough to dedicate so much effort into paying off bills, but it definitely does work! It looks like you did some kind of snowball effect payoff. I love hearing these stories!

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