The Carnival of Debt Reduction is changing a bit

I’ve given some thought to where this Carnival is heading, and I’ve decided to make some changes.

First off, the Carnival of Debt Reduction was always meant to be about personal debt reduction posts.  People need to continue to see that it’s possible to get out of debt.  I want to continue to spread the word about this and to highlight the people who are blogging about their debt reduction.

Over time, it’s been tougher to convince people to host the carnival.  (To those of you who have, thank you!)

Rather than shut down the carnival, I’d like to switch it around a bit and offer those of you who are blogging about how you personally are getting out of debt to continue to submit your articles, and I’ll feature them here.  (If you’ve submitted posts over the past few months, I’ll be going through those first.)

I’m not interested in generic debt consolidation posts, generic frugality posts, etc.  I want posts on your progress.  I want posts celebrating a paid-off credit card.  I want posts that talk about how it feels to finally be debt-free.

I want posts that encourage others to do the same thing you are doing.

So I hope you’ll help me to spread the word about this.  Let me help you promote all of the good work that you’re doing at getting rid of your consumer debt.


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