How not to ask for help with student loan debt

My main Twitter account was following by @Raising100k a few weeks ago.

Apparently this guy’s in a bit of trouble.  He owes $100k in student loans, and has fallen on hard times.  Over half of this amount has been accelerated (called due early).

Not good.  But, he has a solution:  beg.

He’s set up a campaign on to raise the $100k.  On that campaign, he’s done a number of things to encourage no one to donate to him:

  • No name.  We don’t even know if this guy is for real.  It could be a scam.
  • No indication of school or major.  A major in a science would garner at least a bit of sympathy, but he hasn’t disclosed the major.  I suspect a less marketable course of study.
  • Sparsely-linked web presence.  He has the Twitter account and a Facebook page, but that’s it.

At least the guy could have started a blog with some proactive indications of working to get out of debt.  He should still do this.  Student loans debt is very difficult to get discharged.  They’ll be with him a long time.

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