Why wait until the first of the year to reduce debt?

The main event of the Christmas season has come upon us, and the new year is just around the corner. The new year and new year’s resolutions go hand in hand. Never mind that we regularly continue to break them before February has begun. A fresh calendar means a fresh start!

Bog of Debt makes a good point in this post about postponing action on anything that needs to be done. Why wait at all? If you have to reduce debt, why wait until after the holidays? What can you do now?

A little under a month ago I joined Fitocracy.  This happened right after Thanksgiving and before the giant calories of the Christmas season.  Have I maintained the weight that I started with?  Not quite, but I did log a half-marathon on my treadmill from then to now.  If I had postponed this until the new year, I wouldn’t have done this.  I have the benefit of some forward momentum now.

The best time in the world to start toward any goal is right now.


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