Carnival of Debt Reduction is up at Pragmatic Finance

Happy Tuesday, all!  Sorry for the late notice of this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction at Pragmatic Finance.  I’m on travel and my internet connection was down last night.

In any case, lots of great articles.  Jason lists three of his favorites at the top, and Recovering Broke Guy had a very personal account for this week’s carnival.  I hope that those who are blogging about their own debt reduction will post articles like these to the carnival.  They were the kind that I was hoping to see a lot of.  Kudos to Recovering Broke Guy for opening his life up to help us.

Other personal favorites dealt with how credit is not your friend and on what to do when your debt reduction efforts are about to slow down.

Please check out this week’s carnival for some good reading on debt reduction.

Next week’s host is Journey to Financial Freedom.  You can submit your article like this.

And, if you’re interested in hosting again, please let me know!