Get out of debt the same way you got into debt

Today I was going through my numerous Twitter e-mails and found Tackling Our Debt as a new blog to follow.  Their tag line on Twitter is: “We are a forty-something couple and we are learning how to tackle our debt and work our way to becoming debt-free forever.”

After poking around on their blog for a bit, I caught the site title and what they wrote for their site description there:

Tackling Our Debt:  One Dollar at a Time

That by itself is very insightful.  For the people that arrived in debt — say, credit card debt — it happened one purchase at a time, one dollar at a time.  The balances accrued one dollar at a time.

Getting out of debt happens the same way, but in reverse.  One dollar at a time.  Making extra money, saving more money, one dollar at a time.

It’s that simple.  Implementing it consistently is the hard part.

Glad to see that Tackling Our Debt is on their way!

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