Debt reduction tip: Freeze your accounts


An overspender trying to reducing spending faces many of the same temptations as a fat person trying to lose weight.  Sticking to a cash-only or a debit-only budget after being able to charge freely on a credit card is difficult.

Just like an overweight person would keep snacks out of the house and “forget” his money for the vending machines at work, a would-be debt slayer would want to keep credit cards out of reach.  Just enough out of reach that you think twice about spending on the card.

You can freeze your accounts.  Literally.  Immobilize your cards in a big block of ice. Take a fairly large container (maybe a half-gallon milk container).  Stack other things inside, like soup cans, that will place the card squarely in the geographic center of the bigger container.  (It’s too easy just to throw the card in the bottom.)  Then fill the container up with water, and put it in the freezer.

Now, you’ll need to take block of ice out and melt it to get at the card.  This takes a minute.  Now, if you’re thinking, “Ha!  I can do it in 30 seconds!” then more power to you, but you’re defeating the purpose!  Why are the cards frozen?  Because you want to not use them, right?  So if you find yourself unfreezing your account, think about what you’re going to buy and whether you really need it.  Maybe you can save a little money that you would have spent.

This is just a Debt-Eye Mind Trick to help you stay on track.  If it’s a matter of will, just chill!

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5 thoughts on “Debt reduction tip: Freeze your accounts”

  1. Debt reduction is huge business these days. Be leary of someone who promises you the world without telling you the pitfalls. A good company will be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, will be low-priced, and will explain the advantages and disadvantages.

  2. Freezing your credit cards ain’t going to work if have card numbers memorized (like me) and you do most of your shopping online.

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