Welcome to Carnival of Debt Reduction #114

Good evening! Looks like I’m pinch-hitting for DebtFREE-Revolution this week; she’s feeling really lousy and just got on to tell me that she can stay up for a couple of hours at a time before she collapses. So you might want to drop by her blog and give her some virtual herbal tea or something. 😉 In any case I’ve needed to get this carnival together on a time budget, so the carnival this week is to the point.

Here are a few shout-outs and the Editor’s Picks for this week:

And here’s the best of the rest:

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week! Next week Being Frugal hosts!


  1. Whoa! Sorry to hear about DebtFree Revolution! I hope she feels better soon! Thanks for stepping in to present the carnival — it’s a great list you have here.

  2. A nice compilation of articles, motivated me for working toward the debt reduction. Thanks for including my post too.

  3. Thanks for pinch hitting and getting the carnival up! Feel better DebtFree Revolution!

  4. Thanks for stepping in. It’s always nice to have others help out when you aren’t feeling well. Great job!

  5. Thanks for hosting and including my post as one of the editors picks.

  6. Thanks for hosting. I’ve linked back to the carnival at:
    (sorry for the delay – I’ve been sick…)

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